Policy Documents

Policy Documents

“Safeguarding is the golden thread that runs through the College. Policies are lived in practice on a daily basis and the whole College community is affected positively by the influences of the excellent practice which infuses daily interactions.” – COBIS Report 2021

Marlborough College Malaysia takes its responsibility to every child very seriously indeed. If you have any queries or concerns about our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy or related issues, please contact Mrs Justine Tomlinson who, as College Deputy Head Pastoral, is our Designated Safeguarding Lead and is responsible for Pastoral Care throughout the College. Alternatively, contact Mr Andy Gough (Prep Deputy Head Pastoral) who is the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead). The Safeguarding team, with contact details, is shown below.

  1. Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy
    Appendix – Safeguarding guidance for remote teaching and learning
  2. Parental Complaints Policy

“The College is commended for its efficiency and vigilance in relation to the health, safety and security of the campus, the diligence with which its policies are implemented and monitored, and the attention given to the appropriate training of operational staff.” – COBIS Report 2021


The following policies are available upon request by contacting the College:


Academic Aims Policy

Assessment, Reporting, Marking and Feedback

Curriculum Policy

English as an additional language policy

Honesty Policy

Learning Support Policy

Prep Policy

Setting Policy

Teaching Expectations at MCM

Word Processing Policy




Communication with Parents

Parent Contract – Terms and Conditions



Co-Curricular Aims Policy

Trips Policy


Pastoral aims


Boarding principles and practice

Behaviour Expectations Policy

Bus Code of Conduct

Safeguarding Policy

Countering Bullying

Drug Offences Policy

Eating Disorders Policy

Exclusions Policy

Loss and Theft Policy

Parental Complaint Policy

Physical Restraint of Pupils Policy

Registration and supervision policy

School Rules

Searching a pupil or the belongings of a pupil

Searching for a missing pupil

Visitors in Boarding Houses Policy


Human Resources

Staff code of conduct

Adverse Publicity Policy

Equal Opportunities

Safer Recruitment Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Anti- Bribery and Corruption

Health & Safety

Health and Safety aims

First Aid Policy

Haze Policy

House Fire Alarm Policy

Lightning Policy

Medical Care

Medication administration

Head injury and GRTP

Snakes Policy

Pandemic Policy

Food Allergies and Management


IT (information handling) Related policies

ICT acceptable use policy

Bring your own device policy

Document retention policy

Information Security policy

Internal data protection policy

Online Safety Policy

Policy on use of CCTV footage

PDPA Sharing of personal data

Social Media and Emerging Technologies policy

Taking, storing and using images of pupils

PDPA Consent of Data Subject

PDPA Collection, Use, Disclosure and Storage of data