Year 3 Singapore Zoo Trip

Before the half-term break, year 3 pupils spent a thrilling Thursday and Friday exploring the animals of River Wonders and enjoyed strolling around the Singapore Zoo. Their adventure included the Amazon River Quest, where they marvelled at giant pandas and enormous fish. The excitement continued with the “Once Upon a River” show, followed by lunch and dinner beside the orangutans, providing an unforgettable dining experience.

The pupils were also treated to the spectacular “Creatures of the Night” show and an adventurous Night Safari, where they encountered nocturnal animals in their natural habitats. The experience finished with a unique overnight stay in front of the manatee tank, creating lasting memories as the pupils go up to Prep school after the summer holidays. 

Throughout the trip, the children shared joyous moments, smiling, laughing, and spotting many animals the pupils had never seen up close before. This wonderful trip was a perfect celebration to mark the end of their time in Pre-Prep, bringing them closer together and inspiring a love for wildlife, nature and conservation.


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