TOK Exhibition 2024

As the academic year drew to a close, Lower Sixth students presented a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Exhibition, showcasing the work they have completed over the past few terms. The exhibition is worth a third of their overall TOK grade and the subject is a key component of the IB Programme as part of Core. Throughout the afternoon, staff and students gathered to peruse the essays and watch the videos that the students had worked so diligently on.

The essence of the TOK exhibition is to explore how knowledge manifests in the real world, encouraging students to consider learning from a practical, global perspective rather than solely within a classroom. Students were given a choice of thirty-five prompts and had to select just one, followed by identifying three objects that demonstrate how the chosen knowledge applies in the real world. An intriguing aspect of the exhibition was that some students chose the same objects for different prompts, underscoring the diverse ways in which knowledge and thinking can vary among individuals.

Each student had to submit a written exhibition, which accounts for 30% of their overall grade. From these, four were selected from each class for display. Those whose work was not selected had to create a video discussing the objects they had chosen and their relevance to their selected prompt.

After viewing each other’s work, students had the opportunity to give feedback on each other’s work in the way of a “TOK wall”, a place where students could present their findings and compare each other’s work. 

Mrs Inskip, Head of TOK, praised the students at the end of the event. “It was fantastic to see how engaged everyone was. There were some very insightful conversations linking knowledge across the prompts, and the reflections on the TOK Wall were evidence of excellent discussions taking place. TOK isn’t always easy, but the students should be very proud of the thinking and learning they have completed during this process.”


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