Spotlight On: Celebrating the Arts at MCM

Here at the College, pupils are encouraged to enjoy the Arts as part of a truly enriching and well-rounded education. With the much anticipated Summer Festival on the horizon, there’s no better time to find out from some of our beaks what makes studying the Arts special at MCM.




“Studying Visual Art at MCM is a truly enriching experience. Pupils learn creative thinking, critical analysis and an appreciation of art history and culture. Art students regularly take part in presentations, exhibitions and competitions of their work, which develops students’ confidence. Art provides students with a well-rounded education and cultivates essential life skills.” 

Mrs Turner, Head of Senior Art


“Art plays a vital role in a holistic education and nurtures the development of the whole child. Pupils at MCM really enjoy their Art lessons. Not only do they refine their artistic skills and explore a range of media, such as sculpture and digital art, but they also learn so much about themselves and their own creativity.”

Ms Aly Trezise, Head of Prep Art




“Arts is truly valued at MCM as it is integral for pupils’ personal, social and intellectual development.  Through Drama, we make links to other subjects offering a multidisciplinary practice, often using a piece of art like Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ or a powerful quote from Orwell’s ‘1984’ to act as a stimulus to create. This sparks pupils’ imagination, engages critical thinking and develops their confidence, communication and decision making skills. In today’s world of technology, pupils need the arts more than ever; we want them to step back and away from the computer to think, make and create.”   Mrs Ashworth Director of Drama

“Studying Drama at MCM is great because from a young age your lack of inhibitions allow your creativity and confidence to shine. You learn how to problem solve and develop empathy. The Drama team is creative and fun, with years of experience that they love to share in lessons and on the stage.” 

Mrs James Head of Prep Drama.


Design and Technology 


“Design and Technology at MCM enables students to be creative, take risks and experiment with ideas in a supportive space. Students apply their maths, science, computer and art skills to create innovative new products and make their ideas come to life.”

Mrs Deacon, Head of Senior DT


“Design and Technology  is using the knowledge you have acquired in other subjects and utilising that knowledge in a practical, problem solving and real world way. Maths, Science, Geography, Art, History, Computer Science, and life experiences –  calculations, geometry, isometric drawing, nets, artistry, perspective, culture, ergonomics, electronics, forces, materials, trends, and on and on – are all applied in DT.”

Mr Lee, Head of Prep DT




“Everyone has natural creative ability and the beauty of music is that it is accessible to all.  What MCM does so superbly is to nurture that creative ability and give opportunities for all pupils to enjoy and appreciate music,  not just for those who have demonstrated talent and flair from a young age,  but also those who simply wish to explore and discover what music can do for them.”

Mr Watkins, Director of Music


“Music is all about expressing our emotions and it plays a significant role in shaping our character and identity. In the Prep School, music education involves introducing pupils to music from different cultures and traditions, while emphasising the importance of togetherness. Our goal is to encourage all pupils to enjoy music and to create a sense of community and unity within our College.”

Mr Chitambo, Head of Prep Music


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