Senior School | ST2024 | Week 8

Dear Parents,  


By the time this newsletter has been published the final big IGCSE examination will be finished.  I would like to congratulate all the Hundred pupils for their calm and purposeful behaviour during the examination session.  I hope they enjoy their extended Summer break and come back refreshed and ready to go for the IB in August. 


There are a couple of important notices to convey:

1) If Sixth Form parents are picking up after lessons tomorrow (Saturday) they must pick up at the car park as Court is closed for the Summer Festival.

2) If you wish to attend prize day then you need to apply for tickets through this google form. Please note that seats are limited.


As we come to the end of the year, and I am writing my article for the Marlburian publication, I like to scroll back through the news page of the website to remind myself of all that has happened through the year.   This week, articles have been added about the Bronze IA trip to the Cameron Highlands and Wednesday’s Senior Sports Day and there are some wonderful photos. 


The Marlburian Committee laid on a fabulous social for the Lower 6th in the second to last week of term. A celebration of finishing the mock exams on the one hand and a recognition that they have almost completed the first year of IB on the other. Most importantly it was an opportunity to just relax with friends as the end of the school year draws near; and as energy levels dip (especially after Sports Day). Some boys played Nintendo games, there was a little karaoke, others smashed some tennis balls around the courts, before the rain set in. However, the highlights were simple card games, like Uno, that had everyone laughing (and some screaming). Who knew Dylan so in command, on stage, or on a rugby pitch, would be so bad at snap. 


Massive thanks go out to the Marlburian Committee who organised and ran this event, especially Roy who put in such a great effort to make this work. All of these students work tirelessly to help celebrate the Sixth Form community.


Each year we have enhanced provision for our potential medics to help them work towards university.  Over the last two terms, pupils looking to study Medicine at university have been attending tailored workshops run by Mrs Watson. These have focused on the University Clinical Aptitude Test (or ‘UCAT’) which is used by medical schools in the UK and Singapore to shortlist candidates for interview. The UCAT tests a wide range of skills including comprehension, decision-making and numeracy with the aim of identifying candidates with the profile to be exceptional clinicians of the future. It is a highly competitive process as around 37,000 candidates sit the UCAT each year. At MCM, in addition to workshops where students are guided through the best exam techniques, we also provide access to video tutorials and thousands of practice questions via the Medic Mentor platform. Alongside a wealth of online and face-to-face interview preparation, this work ensures students are ideally prepared for the rigours of the application process.  We encourage any pupils who are interested in Medicine to talk with Mr Jarrett about the available support.


A final note that Hundred Pastoral letters will be live on the parent portal this evening.


Yours sincerely,

David Glynn

Head of Senior School


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