Senior School General Knowledge House Challenge Final

The Senior School General Knowledge House Challenge is a demanding test of acumen, general knowledge, and the ability of our pupils to think on their feet in unfamiliar territory. This year, the Final featured Wallace House, led by Jolie, against a combined Boys Boarding team comprising pupils from Atlas and Apollo, led by Zarif.

On stage in front of the entire school, both teams began strongly, providing correct answers to challenging questions ranging from dystopian literature and capital cities to human anatomy. The boys exhibited superior knowledge of the 2008 financial crisis and initially gained the upper hand. However, the girls from Wallace House staged a remarkable comeback, showcasing exceptional mathematical prowess in binary calculations.

Neither team managed to identify tracks from musicals such as Pitch Perfect or Hairspray, but the audience enthusiastically joined in dancing and singing along, contributing to a lively atmosphere. Ultimately, Wallace House competed admirably, but it was the boys who emerged victorious on this occasion, securing the newly constructed trophy (thanks to Gaia’s Cindy and Adeebah).

Congratulations to the Boys Boarding team from Atlas and Apollo for their outstanding performance and well-deserved victory! Looking ahead, the House Challenge will make a return in 2025, featuring ten boarding and day houses vying to establish themselves as the top quizzers in the school.

Mr Scott

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