Pre-Prep Prize Day 2024

As the 2023/24 academic year draws to a close, it is a time for reflection and celebration of the outstanding year that the Pre-Prep pupils at Marlborough College Malaysia have enjoyed. The annual Prize Day provides a perfect occasion to honour this success, bringing together pupils, parents, and beaks to recognise the exceptional achievements made over the past twelve months.

Pupils from Nursery to Year 3 received a multitude of awards for their remarkable accomplishments this year. The event began with a brief welcoming speech from Mrs Cassidy, who greeted the community and highlighted how we should be careful to build up our children and encourage them to dream.

Awards were presented to Pre-Prep pupils for excellence in arts, sports, languages, and academic achievement, along with the prestigious Master’s Award, which is given to a pupil from each year group. Pupils proudly took to the stage to receive their certificates and trophies, beaming with pride at their accomplishments.

The morning also featured a variety of musical performances from the Pre-Prep pupils, including a rendition of “We Don’t Like Pirates” from Year 2’s musical earlier in the year, delightful singing from Nursery and Year 1, and impressive performances by Alessandra Bonsobre, the joint winner of MCM’s Got Talent 2024.

As our pupils head home for the summer, they can take pride in their achievements and progress. We look forward to welcoming them back in August, ready to embrace new adventures and challenges.


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