Pre-Prep and Prep Sports Day 2024

MCM’s annual Pre and Prep School Sports Days were a resounding success, spanning Early Years through Year 8, with each day packed full of spirited competition and camaraderie. The festivities began with Pre-Prep, where Reception and Nursery pupils engaged in a series of fun and challenging activities. Led by Miss Prentice, the youngest athletes leapt like frogs, pranced like lions, and slithered like snakes, showcasing their enthusiasm despite changing weather conditions. The day continued with outdoor races and bean bag throws on the astroturf, all punctuated by refreshing rain showers that added an unexpected thrill.


Years 1, 2, and 3 followed suit, demonstrating their athletic prowess across various stations, including the javelin throw and high jump. A highlight was the introduction of a ‘passport’ system, motivating participants with stamps for completing each activity, while parents enthusiastically cheered and joined in the fun.


Across the week, Prep School pupils eagerly awaited their turn, which arrived on Thursday amidst sunny conditions. Years 4 to 6 kicked off the morning with a blend of long and short-distance runs, long jumps, and ball throws, each pupil rotating through activities to ensure fair participation. The morning culminated in a spirited relay race that left everyone cheering.


In the afternoon, Years 7 and 8 took the stage with intensified competition in events such as javelin, discus, and high jump. Pupils aimed for personal bests under the blazing sun, breaking records and securing victories amid enthusiastic support from peers and spectators. 


The highlight of the afternoon was undoubtedly the Year 8 Victor and Victrix Ludorum competitions. This prestigious title, awarded to the best all-around athletes, saw pupils competing in five events across the afternoon. The level of competition was high, with each participant demonstrating remarkable dedication and skill. Events included a mix of sprints, jumps, and throws, testing the versatility and endurance of our top athletes.


The race for the Victor and Victrix Ludorum was highly competitive, with pupils displaying not only athletic prowess but also sportsmanship and determination. In the end, it was Louis and Olivia who emerged victorious, earning the coveted titles of Victor Ludorum and Victrix Ludorum respectively.


Sports Day 2024 was a testament to MCM’s commitment to physical activity and teamwork, with pupils from Early Years to Year 8 embodying the school spirit and pushing their limits. It was a day of personal achievements, community support, and lasting memories, reminding everyone of the power of sports to unite and inspire.


As we look back on the exhilarating moments and the joyous smiles, we are reminded of the power of sports to bring people together and to inspire us all to strive for our personal bests. Here’s to more successful Sports Days to come!


College Records

375mMilan S.202413.2s
3Long jumpMilan S.20242.87cm
4150mSeb T.202423.22s
4200mDawud M.202435.41s
4600mDawud M.20242min 13s
575mWilliam C.202411.65s
5300mEamon P.20241min 5.38s
650mHayato U.20247.94s
675mRadu D.202411.10s
6300mJiho S.20241min 02.78s
750mTaichi H.202407.33s
7100mLouis L.202413.35s
7300mLewis O.202450:84s
7JavelinLeo Y.202421.5m
850mEric W.202407.90s
8400mLouis L.202401:03:05
8DiscusHarman B.202417.96m
450mAnjali F.20248.93s
4150mTilda B.202427.31s
550mCandy W.20248.39s
575mKoa M.202412.12s
5Long jumpSiena D.20243.31m
675mAlisha O.202411.06s
6600mEmma L.20242min 9:07s
6Long jumpEmma L.20243.4m
7300mMeena L.20241min 59s
850mChloe S.202408.17s
8300mIsabelle T.202457:86s

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