Pengawas Leadership

The Year 8 Pengawas, Peer Mentors and Lower Sixth Prefects were given a fantastic opportunity to develop their leadership skills recently during a new event called ‘The Leadership Challenge’. The aim was for pupils to experience planning and leading a project as a team, focusing on using their creativity, initiative, communication and time management skills. 

Firstly, the pupils were put into teams of twelve before being given their task: to create a 5-year development plan for the lake and Forest School area. Each group had to deliver an eight-minute pitch, produce a comprehensive five-year costing for the development, and create a two-minute promotional video aimed at prospective parents. Although they had access to videos and presentations specifically made for the day and could visit the lake area, the whole project was left for the pupils to organise and manage themselves. 

On Friday, the excitement peaked as each group presented their plans to selected beaks who acted as judges. Not only were the judges looking for the best presentation and idea for the development of the lake, but they also took into account how well each team worked together throughout the project and who displayed the best leadership qualities. It was a fantastic opportunity for our pupil leaders to learn valuable lessons about how to inspire and communicate with others and how to manage their time effectively. 

Mr Wicling, Head of Year 8, based the idea for the challenge on a Pupil Leadership Conference he attended in Penang and said, “I found the whole activity an excellent concept in terms of pupil voice and project-based learning. The pupil’s research, creativity and collaborative skills are put to the test and stretched with limited guidance from staff. Failure is a part of this activity!”

 Everyone embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn but a special well done must go to all the teams as we had a wealth of innovative ideas and a mix of group dynamics. The most important reflection was the post-activity meeting where the pupils were critiqued in the different assessment foci so they learnt about their strengths and weaknesses. 

We will be asking the Prefects to run a similar activity in the Y8 Leadership Week in September.

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