Ocean Child Conservation | Year 8

Year 8 had an exciting visit from Ocean Child Conservation who came to present to the pupils on 5 main topics. These included a wide range of content from climate change to coral reefs, exploring innovative solutions to shape a sustainable future. Throughout the course the pupils were able to see the wonders of the world through film extracts and interactive tasks. For each topic, pupils worked in small groups to identify solutions and think creatively about how we can look to a brighter future. They challenged misconceptions about the fear of sharks and what happens to single-use plastics. This culminated in the pupils preparing a teaching resource to inform and inspire their Year 4 buddies. Taking on the role of experts in this task they created engaging and interactive short lessons and worked together well with the younger year group. I was very impressed with how they represented the school to the visiting provider showing respect and a good work ethic. 

Mr Hoskins, Prep Humanities


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