Maths Decathlon | Prep

The Maths Decathlon stands as an eagerly anticipated yearly event, pitting each House from Year 5 to 7 against one another in a series of mathematical challenges. This year’s competition saw Houses tackling a wide array of questions, spanning from basic arithmetic to intricate problem-solving tasks. Upon correctly answering a question, pupils earned the privilege to paste their response onto a sizable A1 poster. The victory was ultimately bestowed upon the House with the highest tally of accurately answered questions adorning their poster. Amidst the spirited competition, pupils relished the opportunity to test their mathematical prowess and engage in friendly rivalry with their peers. Congratulations to all participants for their commendable efforts in this exhilarating event. The overall joint winners were Merlin and Seymour, followed by Chichester and Hunt. 


Rob Baxter – Head of Prep Maths.

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