Master’s Recital Concert 2024

Throughout the Summer Term, preparations have been well underway for the Master’s Recital Prize. Following a series of twenty outstanding performances, eight musicians were chosen to perform across different categories. 

In the piano division, Yurika Shimizu and Howard Li were chosen, alongside Ziyi Tan and Sofia Ho for the voice section. Woodwind contestants Yoyo Wang and Elizabeth Ng were selected and finally Riyoung Chnag and Tasha Yap for the strings category. The final was held this week and was a tremendous success. All eight contestants played and sang with everything they had. A range of classical pieces were performed with an upbeat influence which created something for the entire audience to enjoy.  

Judging the performances was Mr Rob Hall, Director of Music from Tanglin Academy in Singapore.  After all of the performances, he told the pupils how each of them had brought magic to the stage and encouraged them to keep practising and perfecting their craft. Well done to Tasha Yapp who was crowned the winner with her performance on the harp.  A thank you must go to the audience for being a fantastic support to those taking part and encouraging each pupil.


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