IA Bronze Trip 2024

For the penultimate weekend of the year, 41 brave Shell students took to the Cameron Highlands to attempt their qualifying expedition for the Bronze International Award. Following a journey plagued by breakdowns and delays, they were relieved to get into nature to take on their challenge of summiting both Mount Berembun and Jasar. The terrain was incredibly difficult, with frequent stretches of steep climbs or descents, and they hiked for over 7 hours each day covering well over 1500m of elevation; all whilst carrying their tents and belongings.

The teams performed excellently in their trekking and camping, but more importantly in their enthusiasm, independence, and support of one another. The team spirit and memories that they formed through this testing experience will stay with them for years to come and will bond them in any future challenges they face. Well done to all those involved, and congratulations on completing your Bronze expeditions!

Mr Eaton-Jones

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