FoMCM Coffee Morning ST 2024

On Friday, 7th June, we gathered for the final Friends of MCM Coffee Morning of the year. Throughout the year, our community has relished in various workshops, holiday festivities, and collaborative events. It’s been a journey filled with memories and significant contributions to the MCM community, from the annual Christmas Fair to the Star Wars-themed Ball a few weeks ago.

This last gathering held special significance as we bid farewell not only to a memorable year but also to our esteemed Chairman, Mr. Justin Regan, as he steps down from his role. Justin’s presence has been a constant at the College, here from the beginning and as an alumni parent, he has been involved across all stages and facets of the College. While his departure leaves a void, we are filled with gratitude for his leadership and dedication and know that FoMCM is in safe hands as Sakura Yamaguchi will take on the role of Chair, with support from Nadia Moolla as vice Chair. We also say thank you to Sari Wilson as she takes a step back this year from her ambassador role, showing immense dedication over the years, she has always strived for the best for all pupils. 

Amidst coffee and cakes, friends, parents, and faculty came together to reminisce and express heartfelt thanks. Justin’s tenure has left an indelible mark on MCM, and his absence will be felt. Nevertheless, we extend our warmest wishes for success and fulfilment in his future endeavours.

As we close this chapter, we carry forward the spirit that defines the Friends of MCM. Here’s to the memories shared and the exciting adventures that lie ahead for FoMCM in the new academic year.


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