Year 8 Transition 2024

Last week marked an important milestone for Year 8 pupils as they took part in a transition afternoon at the Senior School. The afternoon provided them with a glimpse into what lies ahead as they prepare to transition from the Prep to the Senior School at the start of the academic year. With a series of talks and activities carefully planned, the aim was to familiarise pupils with the expectations and workings of the Senior School, while also addressing any concerns they may have had.


The transition afternoon started with a warm welcome in the theatre, where Mrs Tomlinson, Head of Pastoral Care, a familiar face to many, engaged the pupils in a conversation about the upcoming changes. This was an opportunity to reassure the pupils about aspects that would stay the same while also shedding light on the changes that lay ahead. By openly discussing these changes, the hope is to address any fears and provide a smooth transition process. Following Mrs Tomlinson’s discussion, Mr. Astill took the stage to introduce the pupils to the array of extracurricular activities awaiting them in the Senior School. From sports to clubs, the Senior school has a wide range of extracurriculars, more than previously available in the Prep School which means ample opportunities for personal growth.


Continuing the journey, pupils had the chance to meet the Housemasters and Housemistresses of the Day Houses they had been assigned to. This was a glimpse into the community spirit that defines each House.

As the afternoon progressed, the focus shifted to academics, with Mr Waterhouse offering an insightful overview of  Business Studies. This introduction was a chance for the pupils to engage in relevant activities, providing a taste of what to expect in their Senior School studies.


Throughout the transition afternoon, the emphasis was on easing Year 8’s’ transition journey by providing them with insights, opportunities for exploration, and a supportive environment to navigate the changes ahead with confidence and enthusiasm.

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