Year 3 Drama Production 2024

This week, the Green Hall was packed ready for the Year 3 production of ‘Eddie the Penguin Saves the World’. Performed for their peers in the Pre-Prep, as well as parents and beaks, the pupils worked diligently to bring this play to life.

The story unfolds with Eddie the Penguin living happily with his large family in Antarctica, alongside interesting characters and numerous penguin chicks. While resting on the ice, Eddie notices something alarming: their icy home is melting away. Determined to find a better habitat, they embark on a journey to the North Pole, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and finally Australia. 

Along the way, they encounter a variety of fascinating characters and animals and realise the problem is far worse than they had imagined. From global warming and deforestation to inadequate recycling, the penguins learn about the human activities that are causing these issues and the innocent creatures suffering as a result.

Together with their new friends, the penguins work to spread the message about the detrimental effects of pollution and environmental degradation. They unite to help reverse the damage and enable Eddie and his family to return to their icy home.

The pupils made excellent use of the space and conveyed their message clearly through singing and dancing. Congratulations to Year 3 for their hard work and successful production.

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