Spotlight On: A Super Saturday at MCM

Marlborough College Malaysia is well known for being a bustling hub of activity where our Sixth Form and boarding community thrive – even on weekends. In this week’s Spotlight, we get an insight into a vibrant Saturday at the College through the eyes of Mr Jon Clements, Head of Sixth Form.


“This particular Saturday in the Summer Term should have been a little quieter as the Upper Sixth had already left to go on Study Leave in preparation for their IB exams. Despite this, many of them still come in – even on a Saturday – to study in school. 


As Head of Sixth Form, it’s my job to register all of the Day students in the morning around 8.15am. I try to speak to all of them as they come in and I am always impressed with their positive attitudes.

Following this, I went down to the Prep School to help out with our Admissions Open Morning. I took a lovely family who were considering the Sixth Form for their son on a tour of the College. We dropped in on a few lessons, visited the IB Art Exhibition and saw a bit of the Swimming Gala. We got as far as the Marlburian building, which is quite a walk, and from there got the bus back down to the Wykeham Hall, past a cricket match happening on the grounds. After a few more conversations I raced back up to the Marlburian for my Lower Sixth assembly at midday (I wouldn’t have got there without my bike!)


I’d organised three speakers for the assembly: Dr Tomlinson spoke about academic matters, Mr Wicling explained the benefits of gap years, and then I gave a presentation about conflict management and dealing with difficult situations. I was pleased that the Lower Sixth responses to the case studies were very mature.


After lunch and a quick change from my suit into some old clothes, I went down to the lake for an afternoon of activities with boys from the boarding houses. The challenge was to build rafts out of large bamboo poles and plastic drums and boys threw themselves into it. While one half of the group constructed the rafts, the remaining boys enjoyed the lake on inflatable kayaks and paddleboards before switching activities. Laughter filled the air during the final raft race as pupils tumbled into the water, ultimately resorting to pushing their sinking rafts towards the finish line.

From there, there was just time for a very quick (but much needed) shower before heading over to the theatre. I arrived just in time for the start of the ‘Play in a Day’. This event featured a group of students who had been studying Hamlet, showcasing their own half-hour performance. Remarkably, they learned and rehearsed the piece from 8:30 am and delivered it by 5pm! It was incredibly moving and impressive to witness students surprising themselves by achieving beyond what they thought they were capable of. One of the girls performing is usually very quiet and shy in class. Suddenly, here she was doing speeches in front of an audience. It reminds me of the importance of what schools bring to the lives of young people, and in turn, why we as teachers do this job.


Of course, all of the events mentioned above could not happen without the time, energy and dedication of a wide team of staff and not just teachers. I write this with them in mind as I got to see the brilliance of Marlborough College Malaysia in a single day.”


Mr Jon Clements | Head of Sixth Form


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