Spotlight On: The benefits of ballet at MCM

There are so many benefits to learning dance that go beyond just physical fitness. That’s why our Pre-Prep pupils all have weekly ballet lessons delivered by a specialist dance teacher as part of their curriculum. This week we delve into the world of dancing at MCM with insights from our expert ballet teacher Ms Carol, who has been teaching at MCM since 2018, and organises the Ballet Showcase every year. 


Ballet lessons for pupils in Nursery to Year 2  focus on refining gross motor skills and  improving coordination with exercises such as walking with stretched feet, running on tiptoes and jumping with control. Each lesson begins with strengthening and stretching exercises and progresses on to learning ballet steps that involve slow, controlled movements as well as small jumps and turns. Ballet requires both strength and agility and is the perfect way to teach children the benefits of exercise, setting them up for a healthy lifestyle as adults.


But as pupils get to grips with their dance steps, they are also  learning a whole host of other things along the way as Ms Carol explains, “There are so many great benefits of learning ballet. It encourages self-discipline and is great for posture but it is also a way to build confidence. When a child is able to master a new skill, they feel a great sense of accomplishment. With this new drive, children express eagerness to learn more, which helps build self-esteem. Ballet inspires children to be creative and learn how to express themselves through movement.”


The highlight of the year is always the Ballet showcase which involves all of the Pre-Prep pupils displaying what they have learnt throughout the year to friends and family.


“Every year we have a Ballet Showcase during the Summer Term and the children work hard for months to prepare. These performances put together all of the skills that pupils have worked on. Performing is a way for them to share their love of dance with others. One year we had a Swan Lake theme – it became my absolute favourite performance of all time. ” says Ms Carol.



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