Seymour Charity Day 2024

Before the College departed for the exeat weekend, Prep pupils took part in the Seymour Charity Day.  Each term, a Prep house hosts a day to raise some money or support for outreach charities and come together to have some fun and build on House Spirit. Seymour Charity Day was no exception and was action packed with fun, challenges and team building. 


The Seymour Charity Committee have worked alongside Head of House Buddy Tolba to ensure the day’s success which started with help from familiar faces from Sungai Melayu. Thirty-nine pupils arrived eager to help out and get stuck in. The day was set up with pupils divided into three groups each competing in a series of challenges.  


The first challenge was an art sculpture, but not just any sculpture, pupils were tasked with crafting the best lion, made from clay. Next was competing in the sports obstacle course, a course set to encourage bravery and push pupils. It was a great success with teams competing against other teams in a timed trial. Arguably the tastiest challenge was kept for last, designing and decorating cakes for each of the prep houses. This challenge required skills in using fondant icing and shaping tools with icing cutters. 


Pupils had a great day and the spirit of Seymour House is at an all-time high. 

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