Senior Drama Workshop 2024

This week Senior School Drama pupils had the privilege of welcoming Hossan Leong to the theatre to work alongside them. Renowned for his work across film, theatre, radio, and television, and famously known by his moniker “Singapore Boy,” Hossan brought a wealth of experience and insight to the pupils.


Over the course of several days, Hossan delivered a series of workshops focusing on movement and physicality. Drawing inspiration from Jacques Lecoq and his concept of the seven levels of tension, the pupils delved into how these principles could be applied to enhance their characterisation and scene work. This approach provided them with new techniques to add depth and personality to their productions and sketches. 


The workshops included script work, where pupils engaged in reading and analysing scripts before bringing them to life on stage. Emphasis was placed on the importance of being comfortable with both their bodies and the space they occupied, creating a greater sense of presence and confidence in their performances.


For Lower Sixth students enrolled in both the IB Literature and Performance course and those opting for Drama, these workshops were particularly beneficial. The skills and techniques they acquired will serve as a valuable tool for their practical coursework in the coming year.


A heartfelt thank you goes to Hossan Leong for his energy, passion, and incredible sense of humour. The Senior pupils thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience and the opportunity to observe an industry professional in action.

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