Invitational Swim Gala 2024

Last weekend saw the College bustling with excitement as parents, teachers, and pupils gathered at the senior sports pool to witness the Invitational Swim Gala. The event drew participants from local schools such as SSM, Sunway, Tenby, Stellar, and Invictus, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. 

Despite the warm weather, competitors, including those from MCM, showcased exceptional performances, making the morning a resounding success.


In the freestyle races, notable mentions are due to the U8 girls—Sofia, Elise, Valentina, and Penny—who clinched the top four positions. Victoria secured second place in the U10 freestyle, with Orla following closely in fourth. The boys’ team also demonstrated remarkable prowess, with Yamato and Jihan securing second and third place respectively in the U8 category.


Among the older girls, the U12 division witnessed commendable performances from Emilia, Lottie, and Natalie, who secured second, third, and fourth place respectively. Further triumphs were achieved in the U14 and U18 categories, with Alice and Selena claiming first and second place in the 50-meter freestyle. Not to be outdone, Lincoln, Peter, and Martin displayed exemplary skill in the Boys’ 50-meter freestyle, securing the top three positions. The breaststroke events also saw remarkable achievements, with Emilia, Erika, Andrea, Zakara, and Subin all earning places in the top three of their respective categories.


Congratulations to all participants of the swim gala. The event provided a fantastic platform to celebrate the talent and dedication of local swimmers, and everyone involved should be proud of their contributions.

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