AIMS Year 5 Maths Challenge 2024

On the 26th April 2024, Marlborough College Malaysia welcomed 8 International Schools from across Malaysia to the annual AIMS Year 5 Maths Challenge, a two-day competition jam-packed with as much maths as possible. 


Day 1 started with an individual challenge for the pupils before the team rounds began with a Number Crunch competition and a Maths Relay where two pupils had two attempts to answer a question before they had to return to the rest of their team where the other pupils then had to answer a different question. The final round of the day was the Construction Round, where the pupils had to turn A4 pieces of paper into little squares and build a tower using only paper and water. 


Day 2 started with an exciting Treasure Hunt around the Prep School, where the pupils had to work together to solve Maths problems and then search for the correct answer, to uncover the treasure. This was an epic fast paced challenge which had the pupils running around in circles as they attempted to find the treasure. The last challenge was the Escape Room challenge where the pupils were given a series of puzzles to solve and in their teams, they had to answer them all as quickly as possible, some pupils divided and conquered the work, whilst others worked together to try and solve the mystery. 


The whole Challenge was a fun filled event, which proved that Maths is applicable to many areas of life as well as being a fun and challenging subject. The level of mathematical skill that was on display was truly impressive as the pupils answered questions of an IGCSE standard. 


Well done to all the teams that took part in the AIMS Year 5 Maths Challenge, we look forward to welcoming you all back for next year.


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