Year 7 Movie Premier

At the start of the Lent term, Year 7 pupils were presented with a mysterious and intriguing challenge: an encrypted message from the government, that came in the form of a playful yet enigmatic voice recording. The message hinted at the disappearance of people from an island and before any more could be heard the message self-destructed.  This background would set the stage for a term filled with creativity, teamwork, and the exploration of storytelling through film. Prompted by this unique stimulus, the Year 7s task was to collaboratively research and devise a plot for their own story inspired by the government’s cryptic message. 


Over the course of two weeks, pupils passionately dedicated their time to filming and capturing scenes. The pupils dived into the process, utilising various locations around the school to shoot their films. From the backdrop of the lake to the confines of the boarding houses, the running track, the drama studio, and even the unconventional setting of Mrs. James’s car, their imagination knew no bounds.


The subsequent two weeks were spent meticulously crafting and editing their masterpiece. Not only did Year 7 weave together the narrative on screen, but they also delved into the world of marketing, creating a trailer and an eye-catching movie poster to entice their audience. As the term began to reach its crescendo, pupils eagerly looked forward to the grand finale – their film premiere in Taylor. Complete with a red carpet, the aroma of freshly popped popcorn, and the flash of paparazzi, the premiere was a chance to celebrate their hard work and creativity.


Next week, the Year 7s will turn into critics as they review the films created by their peers. This will provide an opportunity to appreciate the diverse approaches and storytelling styles that have emerged within the class. The film titles themselves offer a glimpse into the imaginative worlds crafted by pupils: “The Sound of Conspiracy,” “The Island Pool Experience,” “Pangolin Lost,” and “Truth Behind the Lies.”

Head of Prep Drama Nadene James said “ I am blown away with the creativity, enthusiasm and skill that the pupils have used this term. Seeing their performance skills in yet another way is a joy and why teaching these wonderful children at MCM is so amazing.”

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