Year 4 Viking Day 2024

Marlborough College Malaysia was home to a group of Vikings, as Year 4 took part in “Viking Day”. A chance to learn more about the lifestyle and culture of the seafaring warriors, pupils loved getting hands-on and immersing themselves in medieval life. 


The day started with Year 4 coming together in the shared area, comparing costumes and talking about the plan for the day. After learning a bit more about the life of Vikings, attention turned to the various rituals and ceremonies regarding funerals and in particular the burning of longboats at sea to honour the departed. With this knowledge, Year 4 tried their hand at crafting long boats. Shoebox-sized, these boats were detailed with sails and possessions. After a quick tidy up pupils were then split into three groups, ready to tackle the rest of the day’s activities. 


The first activity was catapult-making with Mr Rodman and Mrs Burbury. Pupils learned about the catapults the Vikings would have used in battles before constructing their own miniature version.  Mr Cassidy was the curator for the Viking Museum. A much smaller take on the Jorvik Viking Centre in Yorkshire, pupils were able to investigate the jewellery, weapons, armour and clothing that Vikings left behind.  Mr Cassidy then gave a demonstration as to what the objects would have been used for and their significance. Afterwards, pupils were welcomed by Mr French to the shared kitchen to partake in “mead making”. Adapted to suit the year 4 pupils, they enjoyed cutting the lemon and ginger and smelling the fragrant honey and lemon as the drink began to boil. 


After lunch pupils took a walk down to the lake to enjoy their mead and set the long boats they constructed off on the water. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and learning more about the Vikings. 

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