Senior House Basketball

Pupils from Remove to Upper Sixth enthusiastically participated in the annual House Basketball Tournament. These events are a chance to come together, cheer on each House and have healthy competition within the school community. 

The House Boys Basketball Tournament was an electrifying display of skill and teamwork. From precision three-pointers to thunderous slam dunks, each house team showcased their athleticism and dedication to the game. The court buzzed with energy as fellow pupils and beaks cheered on their team, with every basket celebrated as a collective victory for the house.

It was a tough competition but in third place was Thompson, followed by Sheppard in second place with Boys Boarding crowned winners overall. 

Simultaneously, the House Girls Basketball Tournament provided an equally exciting match. On the court, the girls demonstrated agility, speed, and strategic thinking as they manoeuvred through the opposition’s defences with finesse. Every try scored was met with roars of applause, highlighting not only individual talent but also the teamwork that each house embodies.

The results for the match were Girls Boarding in third place, Butler in second place with Wallace House the winner. 

Beyond the thrill of competition, the House Boys and Girls Basketball Tournament served as a valuable learning experience for all involved. It’s also an opportunity for the teams to come together before external fixtures, work out strategies and correct any weaknesses. Through sports, pupils develop essential life skills such as leadership, resilience, and sportsmanship. These qualities will undoubtedly serve them well both on and off the field, preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead.

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