Physics Olympiad

This year, MCM entered the Intermediate (15-16) and Senior British Physics Olympiad Competitions (17-18) for the first time. These serve as precursors to the full Olympiad competition, an extremely prestigious event in the student Physics Calendar. Earlier in the year, we also participated in the Senior Physics Challenge, which featured a different type of question aimed at solving puzzles rather than conventional physics problems.


In the Senior Physics Challenge, Bryan Chan achieved a Merit, which is the highest score.


For the Senior Physics Olympiad, we had two entries: Samson Hong and Zach Thomas. Both students achieved a Silver medal, with Samson missing a gold medal by just one mark.


The Intermediate Physics Olympiad took place last week. Students cannot easily prepare for the online exam, as there are no past papers, and the style of questions varies year on year. Therefore, the exam is a very good measure of both knowledge and the ability to adapt quickly. We had 42 entries, and all the students attained at least a bronze award, with the majority receiving silver or better. Our students’ average score was over 14% above the world average, underscored by our large percentage of Gold awards (12 in total), which is 40% above the global average. Special mention to Samson Hong and Roy Youn, who achieved gold with a score placing them in the top 50 students globally, and Mike Huang, the youngest competitor, who scored a Bronze medal while still only in Remove. He still has the Junior Olympiad event to look forward to in May.



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