MCM U18 Basketball

The match began with the Johor basketball club stealing the ball from the tip-off, taking an easy lay-up and dominating what was to be a highly competitive game.


The first quarter started with some cold hands from MCM. However, we had many offensive rebounds from Daniel around the hoop looking for a second chance to score, and we caught every chance to attack the hoop and catch the defensive rebounds. In the second quarter, Boon scored a series of mid-range jumpers and lay-ups, and Daniel caught the second chance to score and some free throws, giving MCM a comfortable lead (22-12) going into halftime.


The third quarter saw some impressive defensive blocks from Boon and strong body competition from MCM player Wyatt and number 0 from Johor basketball club. Some good teamwork defence from MCM made the Johor basketball club incur errors and airballs. Also when we were on the offensive, MCM had many good chances for fast breaks and passes from our point guard Kaz.


In the last quarter, MCM kept their strong defence and used passes to break the full-court press by Johor basketball club and won the game by a fast break right-hand lay-up by Jayden, finishing the match 28-20. Overall, it was an exciting and close match, with both teams displaying exceptional athleticism and sportsmanship.


Written by Garry Chen 




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