L6 Literature and Performance 2024

At the beginning of the Summer Term, the Lower Sixth students—Liam, Richard, Jameson, Jenny, and Danial—met to present their rendition of “Equus.” Penned by Peter Shaffer, the play delves into the narrative of stable boy Alan and his descent into the depths of darkness, contrasted with the intricate relationship forged with his psychiatrist.


The production unfolded within the confines of the theatre in a “round” style, with the students manoeuvring around the audience, ensnaring them within the narrative’s grasp. Utilising a blend of movement, sound and light, coupled with the students’ compelling portrayals, the performance bloomed into a visceral experience, shrouding the audience with a sense of foreboding and intrigue as to what would happen next.


Post-performance, an exchange transpired between the audience and the performers. Attendees seized the opportunity to ask questions regarding the play, while the cast reciprocated by inquiring about the audience’s interpretations of the symbolism embedded within the props. 


This performance was for the Literature and Performance Course as part of the IB Programme. For the participating students, it has been rehearsal after rehearsal that created “Equus”. Following the performance, students will be tasked with crafting a 2000-word essay dissecting the production. 


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