Hari Raya Celebration

During the first week of the Summer Term, pupils from across the Pre-Prep and Prep came together to celebrate Hari Raya in a special themed assembly. The Wykeham Hall was transformed with decorations and “ketupats,” a traditional item used in rice dishes, creating the perfect backdrop. Pupils across the school wore traditional Malay clothing and performed a series of dances and songs to mark the occasion.


Each year group participated in the festivities, showcasing a variety of dances. The assembly provided an opportunity for everyone to delve into Malaysian culture and gain insight into how pupils at MCM celebrate the holiday. Ari in Year 7 shared his holiday experiences, which added a personal touch to the presentations on the day.

From the rhythmic “Dikir Barat” to the lively “Kuda Kepang,” where pupils danced with woven bamboo horses to traditional Javanese music, the assembly immersed the audience in the rich cultural heritage of Hari Raya.


The highlight of the event was the fashion show, where beaks paraded in traditional attire, explaining the significance of each piece. The assembly celebrated Hari Raya and offered pupils a glimpse into the traditions cherished by many in the MCM community.

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