Year 5 Cooking Success 2024

I am thrilled to share with you the exciting journey our Year 5 pupils have embarked upon this term in our Design and Technology lessons. Immersing ourselves in the vibrant and delicious world of Mexican cuisine, we’ve had the pleasure of exploring a plethora of flavours, textures, and cooking techniques that have left us all craving more.

One of the initial captivating aspects of Mexican cuisine for our pupils was its bold and diverse flavours. Through our exploration, they learned about the symphony of spices that characterise Mexican dishes, including cumin, chilli powder, and coriander, each contributing to unforgettable taste experiences. From the fiery heat of salsa roja to the earthy warmth of mole sauce, every dish became a narrative of tradition and passion.

Our culinary adventures began with the creation of salsa – the ultimate flavour booster! With fresh tomatoes, onions, coriander, and garlic at hand, our pupils dived into the art of salsa making. Whether mild, medium, or caliente, each batch was a burst of zesty goodness that left our taste buds dancing with delight.

Next on our culinary agenda was everyone’s favourite – guacamole! Armed with ripe avocados, juicy limes, and a plethora of spices, our pupils crafted creamy, dreamy bowls of guac perfection. Paired with crunchy tortilla chips, the guacamole became an instant hit, leaving us all craving for more of its creamy, tangy goodness.

But of course, we couldn’t conclude our Mexican culinary journey without mastering the granddaddy of Mexican classics – fajitas! With sizzling pans and a colourful array of peppers, onions, and marinated chicken, our pupils embarked on the creation of their sizzling fajita masterpieces. The aroma of grilled meat and veggies filled the air as we assembled our fajitas.

However, beyond the delicious food, what truly made this experience special was the joy of cooking together as a class. Laughter filled the kitchen as we chopped, stirred, and shared our creations with each other. There’s something magical about coming together over a shared meal, and our Mexican cooking adventures served as a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to bond and connect.

As we conclude this topic, I am proud to see our pupils leaving with a broader appreciation for the diverse world of cuisine. The memories created and skills acquired during our exploration of Mexican cuisine will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on their culinary journeys.  While this chapter may be closing, I am optimistic that the lessons learned will continue to inspire our pupils to explore new tastes, embrace cultural diversity, and savour the joys of sharing meals with loved ones.

Here’s to the delightful journey we’ve shared together– may it be the foundation for many more flavorful adventures in the future.

Me encanta esta, Estuvo delicioso!


Mr James Leach


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