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MCM’s outstanding Tennis programme


With dedicated coaches and fantastic facilities, it’s no surprise that the tennis stars of the future are being trained right here at the College. Recently, MCM triumphed at a very competitive FOBISIA Tennis Championships in Hua Hin, Thailand securing the best results that the College has ever seen with Year 8 pupils Amanda and Audrey winning the gold and silver medals respectively for their category. (Read more about the event  here.) Both girls have trained at MCM since Year 1 under coaches Paulo and Yannick who have helped them achieve the title of being best in Malaysia for their age group. 


So what makes tennis at MCM so successful? Alongside with the expertise of our P.E staff, pupils also benefit from highly skilled professional coaches who have a background in professional tennis themselves. Lead Coach Yannick is a PTR Certified Coach and has coached many of the top players in the Philippines. He was also a Group 1 Davis Cup Member himself, and was ranked number 3 in Philippine Men’s Tennis from 2006 to 2008. Coach Paulo has several years of coaching experience and was ranked the number one player of Western Visayas Region, Philippines from 2013 – 2019. What this means is that our coaches not only understand how to help young athletes achieve at the highest level physically but they also understand what it is like to compete at a professional level and the psychological aspects of the game. 


But it’s not just elite players that enjoy tennis at MCM, there are sessions for all ages and abilities to enjoy. Tennis lessons are available for pupils from Reception age right up until 18 and are tailored for different ability levels. Our half term tennis camps are also very popular and encourage everyone to give tennis a go in a fun and relaxed environment, and pupils gain more than just physical fitness. 


Coach Yannick explains that  “For our young tennis players we always make sure the sessions are fun. We want them to enjoy the game so we are focused on learning the basics. We use bigger, softer balls, and smaller indoor courts so that younger pupils can have success early on and find that love for tennis. But they are also learning independence. They have to make their own decisions on the court including counting their own scores so they learn to do things by themselves. For our Senior School players, tennis is great physical exercise, but it also teaches pupils to be resilient. Unlike team sports, in tennis you have to be independent and rely on yourself. If you are losing a game you need to develop the ability to push through and this allows players to get stronger mentally.” 


The combination of expert coaching, top-notch facilities, and a focus on fun and skill development has made tennis a beloved sport at MCM for all ages and abilities. So, with such a successful tennis programme in place, only one question remains: Anyone for tennis?


To find out more about Tennis lessons at MCM or to sign up for the next Tennis Camp please email Coach Yannick at or Coach Paulo at

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