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Dear Parents,  


I will use this newsletter throughout the year to keep you informed of activities, trips and other events that are happening around the College.  It is worth all parents bookmarking the news page of the website, as this is where you will see more detail and some photos of these items.  


On Tuesday evening we were treated to a powerful evening of theatre as our Upper Sixth IB Theatre pupils performed pieces of their own creation, based on techniques and practitioners they have been studying. Jonas, Zach, Jenay, Olivia, Janika and Jasiel can all be proud of their accomplishment and creativity and know their performances were thoughtful and engaging. More details of the evening can be read here


Over the past week the MCUK pupils have enjoyed cultural delights of Johor Bahru and the local village at Sungai Melayu. The Shell and Remove social was a roaring success on Saturday night thanks to the Lower Sixth CAS group.   On Sunday the pupils had a great day out surfing off the beach at Desaru and on Thursday evening the Master hosted a BBQ at the lodge. 


Mr Ogilve reports that the pupils on the Shell Exchange have had an enjoyable week at MCUK. Highlights include learning about the rich history of Marlborough and the cultural visit to West Kennet Long Barrow as well as participating in netball fixtures against Radley College and the house basketball competition. The exchange trip to Marlborough College has been a rewarding and educational experience for our pupils so far and they are looking forward to embarking on a trip to the world-famous Trinity College Oxford on Sunday, which will be combined with a day trip to Oxford.

Following the recent Upper Sixth Mock Examinations Orders will be published to parents on Tuesday 5th March. This will be followed by the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their subject beaks on Wednesday 6th March.


David Glynn

Head of Senior School


Upper Sixth Mock orders publishedTuesday 5th March5.00pmOnline – Parent portal
Upper Sixth Parent Pupil Beak MeetingWednesday 6th March6.00pmOnline
Shell IGCSE options forms dueMonday 11th March12.00pmPupils to complete google form
Remove orders publishedWednesday 20th March5.00pmOnline – Parent portal
Remove Parent Pupil Beak MeetingMonday 25th March6.15pmOnline
Shell orders publishedThursday 28th March5.00pmOnline – Parent portal


Available for all IGCSE/IB and IB only
@ 1.20pm
Week A/BHistory (SA14)

Maths (BE22)

Economics and Business (SA2)

Global Politics (SA14)

Maths Week B (BE21)

Physics (ME9) 

Economics and Business (SA2)Maths (BE27)

Maths (BE27)

Chemistry for Hundred (ME8)

DT (MO12) 

Economics and Business (SA2)

Maths (BE28)

Economics and Business (SA2)

History (SA11) 

Physics (ME7) 

After SchoolWeek A/BArt 

Biology for Hundred (ME2)

Maths (Marlburian)

French (LRC8)

Maths (BE 11)

Biology (ME2)

Physics (ME3)

DT (MO12)

IB Chemistry (Marlburian)
*IGCSE Chemistry is on request please.



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