Senior School House Challenge 2024

On Wednesday, 21st February, Wykeham Hall hosted the Senior School Pupils vs. Beaks House Challenge, with the entire Senior School in attendance. Held every year, the competition provides pupils with the opportunity to compete against beaks in knowledge and trivia. Loosely based on the popular British TV series ‘University Challenge,’ the competition was straightforward, with beaks forming one team and pupils forming the other. Each team was asked 20 questions, with each question worth two marks. For any wrong answers, the opposing team had the chance to answer. Both teams faced a range of questions covering Malaysian Geography, Greek Mythology, Rivers, The United Nations, Astronomy, and, of course, a question on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


The pupils’ team consisted of Alex,  Jonatas, Zhi Xuan, and Louis, with Louis serving as captain. The team included last year’s winning Thompson pupils, Zhi Xuan and Louis, who were joined by strong Sheppard players Alex and Jonatas.


After a tense competition, the final score was Pupils 36 and Beaks 24.


Congratulations to both teams, who played exceptionally well, and a thank you must go to beak Team members Mrs. Jarrett, Mrs. Kinghorn, Mr. Travers, and Mr. Clements. Another thank you must go to Mr. Scott, Mr. Jarrett, and Miss Moody for organising the event. 


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