Prep Science Week 2024

The Prep School buzzed with excitement this week as pupils enjoyed a range of scientific experiments and activities as part of Science Week. It was an opportunity for pupils to get ‘hands-on’ and explore topics practically and experimentally. 

From the youngest pupils in the Pre-Prep conducting their own mini-experiments to Year 8 pupils exploring the nearby palm plantation, there was something new for everyone to try. Year 6 enjoyed a fossil hunting lesson outside, unearthing hidden treasures and drawing their own scientific diagrams to explore the subject of fossils further, while Year 7 measured the effect of sugar on running speed by taking part in their own obstacle course. Meanwhile, the Year 5s were busy designing and making their own wind-powered vehicles. 

There were also plenty of experiments happening in the Prep Science labs with some fantastic demonstrations from the Science beaks including glycerine and soap fireballs, demonstrating the melting points of different chocolates and some Harry Potter-inspired chemistry experiments.

Head of Science Jon Lyon said, “Science Week is a celebration of the wonders of science and promoting scientific exploration and discovery. It allows students to engage in hands-on activities, experiments, and demonstrations that ignite their curiosity and passion for science. It’s a magical journey (especially when Science Week is Harry Potter-themed) where every discovery sparks a new adventure.”

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