Prep Pi Day 2024

On the 14th of March, the Prep School gathered to celebrate Pi Day. In the United States, the date is denoted as 3.14 and thus, when American founder Larry Shaw established the occasion, it gained international recognition as Pi Day. 

Pi Day, led by the Prep School Mathematics Department, is a day of mathematical themes and special activities throughout all lessons, with the highlight culminating in the Digit Memory Challenge.  The challenge is to memorise as many of Pi’s digits as possible, which is no mean feat since the numbers never repeat and never end, making it an irrational number and not something that can be easily learnt by heart.  

It’s a testament to the willpower, mental ability and brute force that MCM pupils possess that there was no shortage of volunteers to take on the challenge. The winner was Nao Yoshioka of Year 7 who memorised 213 decimal places. A huge congratulations to every pupil for standing up and giving it their all.


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