Oxbridge Debating Forum in Kolej Tuanku Jaafar

On March 1st and 2nd, MCM students had the honour of attending the Oxbridge Debating Forum in Kolej Tuanku Jaafar which is located in the Seremban district. This event was sponsored by the MABEC and Oxbridge Alumni Network in Malaysia.


On Saturday morning, we attended a plenary debate by four Oxbridge alumni, followed by a Q&A with the audience. The motion was“The house believes that the climate crisis is not the preeminent crisis of our time.” Afterwards, we were allocated to student workshops on subtopics which included: education, economics, politics, science and technology, and the environment. Our Debating Society members had the opportunity to debate on stage with other students from different schools across Malaysia. The format for the debate was Asian Parliamentary which included a proposer, seconder and cross-examiner for each side. Each of us had 90 seconds to speak, followed by 60 seconds of rebuttals.


The students found the event to be an exciting and thrilling experience, and we were overjoyed to gain fresh knowledge and insights from expert facilitators. Not only did we have an incredible time, but we also had the chance to meet new friends and learn from pupils at different schools.  Furthermore, our team achieved victory in the debating round, marking a significant milestone for us. I was able to learn how to express my key points more firmly and to increase the audience’s engagement with my views. Moreover, I learnt a variety of new techniques of rebuttal to my opponent’s arguments. I believe these workshops enabled us to improve our debating skills and confidence in public speaking.


In conclusion, we strongly feel that the KTJ debating forum is a real opportunity for aspiring politicians, lawyers or anyone who simply wants to improve their public speaking. We hope to apply our new knowledge to compete in more upcoming matches. Thank you to Mr Tapp and Mrs Patten for this amazing opportunity.  Particular congratulations go to Jane Ng (Hu) who won ‘Best Impromptu Speaker’ and Juliette Bhogal (L6) for ‘Best First Time Debater’.


By Sarah Low (Hundred)


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