Music Masterclass 2024

Earlier this month, pupils in the Prep School were treated to a memorable Choral Masterclass led by Michelle Poh, a distinguished Jazz Vocalist and Pianist. The session provided a unique opportunity for pupils to delve into the intricacies of vocal performance under the guidance of a renowned musician. Michelle’s expertise and passion for music undoubtedly left a lasting impression on all who attended.

Later in the day, the IB Music students participated in a one-on-one “Jazz Masterclass.” This exclusive session allowed for focused attention on the nuances of jazz music, enabling students to deepen their understanding and refine their skills in this genre. Michelle’s guidance during these individual sessions undoubtedly contributed to the musical prowess of each participant.

We thank  Michelle for generously sharing her time, talent, and insights with our pupils. Her visit not only enriched their musical education but also served as a source of inspiration, igniting a renewed passion for music within each pupil.  Through encounters such as these, pupils are not only exposed to new techniques and styles but are encouraged to pursue excellence in their craft. Michelle’s masterclass encouraged pupils to reach new heights of creativity and expression.

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