MUN Conference 2024

On Saturday, 20th of January, over 50 delegates gathered at MCM for an afternoon of lobbying at MCM’s Model United Nations Conference. Students from Invictus International School and Repton International School joined MCM students to evaluate a resolution on the Legalisation of Drugs, which raised engaging discussion and debate. 


The afternoon commenced with an opening speech by Emily, who chaired the event with sixth form students Angelina and Zeynep. The Chairs seamlessly coordinated the event and guided the delegates throughout the conference, making it a fully student-led activity. After being introduced to an outline of the conference, the main submitters of the conference, The Delegate of Singapore (Sophie, MCM) and The Delegate of Vietnam (Jonatas, MCM), gave opening speeches for the resolution. After this, delegates had time to build alliances and discuss possible amendments during the unmoderated caucus. What resulted was a lively discussion from all Delegates, who were then seated for the rest of the conference as the floor then opened for speeches for and against the resolution. 


During the conference, volunteers from the Senior School ensured the conference ran smoothly. Mrs Hoskins and Mr Bhogal, who prepared the MCM students for the event, also oversaw the conference and offered support where necessary. 


After a break with some food and drink, delegates returned for the final portion of the conference, where resolutions were submitted and delegates voted for and against changes. Many students spoke in front of the assembly or offered PoIs (Point of Information). 


Overall, it was a very successful day of debating and lobbying, and after an overwhelming majority voted in favour of the resolution, the conference concluded successfully. Prizes were also given out, and Jae Ann Chew, Elisa See, Sophie Schwalb and Linda Zhang were celebrated for their efforts during the event. 

–  Miss Juliette Bhogual


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