MCUK Exchange Week Two 2024

As the second week of the MCUK exchange at Marlborough College concludes, the Shell exchange has proven to be an exciting, enriching, and memorable experience for MCM pupils. Engaging in a diverse range of activities, from competitive netball fixtures to immersive cultural visits, the pupils have had the opportunity to delve into the rich history and vibrant culture of Marlborough College.

Saturday morning brought a fascinating visit to West Kennet Long Barrow, Avebury, one of Britain’s largest and most accessible Neolithic chambered tombs. Guided by Mr. Christopher Moule, Head of History, pupils gained insights into the historical significance of this site. The afternoon was dedicated to spirited netball fixtures against Radley College, where skill and teamwork were showcased amidst fierce competition.

On Sunday, pupils participated in house activities, including Shell boys’ football. Some of the girls’ houses enjoyed a picturesque countryside walk, followed by a traditional Sunday roast along the high street, and an evening movie. These activities provided pupils a respite from academic routines, allowing them to bond with their MCUK peers and allowing appreciation for the natural beauty of Marlborough College’s surroundings.

Of course, it wasn’t long before it was back to academia with the new week bringing a lesson by Mr. Nick Gordon, Head of English and Form, who explored the history and culture of Marlborough College. Then pupils had an enlightening session on OM poets concluded with pupils reciting Betjemin’s “A Subaltern’s Love Song.”

Tuesday and Thursday offered pupils the opportunity to visit the historic 17th Century Merchant’s House, providing a glimpse into Marlborough town’s past. Walking along creaky, warped floorboards dating back 400 years, pupils gained a tangible connection to the area’s rich heritage. Exploring well-preserved rooms and artefacts sparked curiosity, fostering an appreciation for history and a tangible connection to what life was like in Marlborough, and the need for Marlborough College. 

The upcoming weekend promises more sports excitement, with girls engaging in netball fixtures at Canford School and boys venturing to Radley College for hockey fixtures which for a few pupils will be their first time taking part in such a fixture. Three of the pupils have taken the unique opportunity to play with professional musicians from the Southbank Sinfonia in an ensemble and orchestra concert.

As pupils move into the final week, pupils will embark on a trip to world-famous Trinity College Oxford on Sunday, combined with a day trip to Oxford, ensuring a perfect conclusion to this rewarding and educational exchange experience at Marlborough College.

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