Internal Gymnastics Competition 2024


On Wednesday 21st February, Marlborough College Malaysia held an internal gymnastics competition for pupils from Year 1 to Year 8. This competition was a fantastic opportunity for pupils to demonstrate the skills that they have been honing throughout the two terms. Gymnastics has grown in numbers this year and it’s been encouraging to see the pupils take so quickly to the sport. With multiple lessons a week, one-on-ones, and extra conditioning sessions, pupils have been keen to practice what they have learned in class.


The competition centred around two apparatuses namely the Floor and the Vault. These provided pupils with the opportunity to showcase their ability in executing a range of gymnastic movements on the Floor and their strength and courage on the Vault. Participants were categorised as beginners, novices, and advanced, with the difficulty of the routines increasing across the different categories. Pupils rose to the challenge and surpassed.


Judge and Coaching Assistant Mrs Clements said, “It was fantastic to see all of our gymnasts giving their best effort in the competition and it was a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to see what they have been working on in the gym. This will give our gymnasts valuable competition experience as we gear up for the JSAC competition in a few weeks time.”  


It was excellent to see over sixty pupils perform at the competition, congratulations to all that took part. 


“I am really proud of how far we have come with the gymnastics programme over the past four years. The dedication, passion and commitment from the pupils speaks volumes about how much they love gymnastics. The pupils are forever cartwheeling or handstanding their way through the days. We have gone from one session a week to being able to offer a performance pathway. It would not be possible without the unwavering support from the parents, therefore a huge thank you must go to them”.  – Laura Prentice


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