IB Theatre Production 2024

On Tuesday 27th February, the theatre came alive as the stage was set for the IB Theatre solo performances. This highly anticipated evening is the culminating performance for the Upper Sixth Theatre group. With a live audience in attendance, it was a golden opportunity for fellow pupils, beaks and parents alike to witness the remarkable talents and skills honed by each student performing and for the students involved, it was one last chance to perform at Marlborough College Malaysia.  


During the IB Theatre programme, students have delved into the study of renowned theatre practitioners, comparing diverse styles, expressions, and the thought-provoking questions posed by these influential figures. The students took inspiration and applied the conventions gleaned from these practitioners to craft personal pieces, centred around topics that they were passionate about. 


Feeling inspired by the work of Steven Berkoff,  Jonas crafted  his piece on the opioid crisis in Vancouver. While Zach and Jenay were influenced by Bertolt Brecht and the political approach he utilised in Epic theatre. Jenay created a piece to educate the audience on the genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda in the 1990s while Zach based his performance on the effects of PTSD on a Ukrainian soldier.


Olivia studied Jacques Lecoq and his “seven levels of tension” showing how the need for acceptance in our world can be detrimental. After studying Jerzy Grotowski and “Poor Theatre”, Janika created a piece inspired by the American Journalist Nellie Bly and her fight to be recognised as a female journalist in the 1800s. Jasiel challenged herself by exploring performance using masks. After researching Trestle masks, she created a piece about her grandmother; an influential person in her life.


Each performance was 4-7 minutes long and served as a showcase of diverse themes, and ideas and left the audience with plenty to reflect and ponder on. Congratulations to Upper Sixth and every student that contributed to these captivating performances. Well done.

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