IB Art Exhibition 2024

This week, the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) hosted the IB Art Exhibition, providing an opportunity for students enrolled in the IB Visual Arts programme to showcase their creations developed throughout the past two years of their course. Demonstrating remarkable perseverance, these students have crafted exceptional works through their dedication and effort. The IB Visual Arts programme is rigorous, requiring significant commitment from its participants. Instead of following a prescribed script or curriculum, students chart their own course and follow their own ideas.

Head of Senior Art Nadia Turner said “The IB exhibition is a result of the remarkable dedication and hard work our students have put into their art projects. Their commitment has been truly inspiring and I am so proud of them.

Throughout this diploma, the students’ artistic endeavours have prompted profound introspection. Their creations eloquently reflect their beliefs and what holds significance to them. Each artwork speaks about their thoughts, passions, and values.

It’s crucial to remember that art serves as a powerful medium for self-expression and exploration. The student’s willingness to confront meaningful topics and translate them into art is commendable. I want to encourage them to push boundaries and nurture their creativity.

Congratulations to our students Zeynep Torgay, Chiara Buchanan, Yao Dong Heng, Mao Kuroda and Emily Lui on their achievements thus far.”


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