Hunt Charity Day 2024

Last Friday, the spotlight fell on the Prep Art Cafe and Green Hall as Hunt House orchestrated a vibrant Charity Day. Each House across the year has a day dedicated to raising money for the outreach charities supported by the College. The pupils of Hunt worked hard to bring the Hunt Charity Day to life with pupils arriving at the Pre-prep and Prep school in their own clothes after being invited to wear non uniform for a small fee which went towards the fundraising efforts. 


Pupils were further encouraged to decorate and individualise their appearance by purchasing temporary tattoos, hair colour and face paints. The members of Hunt worked hard to cope with the many requests and it was wonderful to see so many children and staff joining in to support and show their House Spirit.  


Away from the fun and games, Hunt’s hard work paid off, with the proceeds for the day amounting to 4,591 RM for charity. This achievement not only reflects the dedication of Hunt, but the collective support from other pupils and beaks towards the outreach efforts of the College. Well done to Hunt for their efforts and thank you to the Pre-Prep and Prep school community for supporting and rallying around our charity initiatives. 


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