FOBISIA Straits Touch Rugby Tournament

The recent weekend marked the eagerly anticipated FOBISIA Straits Touch Rugby Tournament. Bathed in the warmth of a hot and sunny day, players and supporters alike were treated to the perfect backdrop for a day of sporting action. Throughout the day, both the U14 and U18 teams had opportunities to showcase their skills against a diverse array of opponents, including local and international teams. It is this unique aspect of the Straits Tournaments that makes them so special – providing pupils with the invaluable chance to test themselves against some of the finest teams in the region.

As the teams took to the field, a sense of excitement and anticipation filled the air, with each match serving as a thrilling spectacle for all in attendance. From lightning-fast sprints to deft passes and strategic manoeuvres, the action on the field was nothing short of electrifying. For the young athletes, the opportunity to compete is a testament to their hard work and dedication but also a chance to work as a team and show sportsmanship, and resilience. 

Our MCM Blue team would go on to face and win against the MCM (U16) team in the cup knockout to secure bronze medals. Congratulations to Dulwich College Singapore for winning the U18 tournament and SJI Singapore for a closely fought second place.

In the U14 Tournament, the MCM team improved with every game and placed third overall in the cup competition. Congratulations to UWCSEA East for winning the cup and to the TRC Hurricanes for securing second place.

Regardless of the results, each player should take pride in knowing they gave their all, leaving nothing on the field in pursuit of victory. It’s not only the players who deserved recognition but also the dedicated supporters whose encouragement and cheers served as a source of motivation throughout the tournament. 

A special thanks to the pupil band that kept the teams and spectators amused in the dining hall during lunch.

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