Desaru Outreach 2024

At the start of March, more than fifty senior school Day House pupils, accompanied by fifteen children from Rotary Children’s Home, embarked on a memorable day at Desaru. Despite the pouring rain, the group engaged in a meaningful act of environment conservation by taking part in litter picking across the beach. Following their commendable clean-up efforts, the group gathered for a delightful picnic on the sandy shores of Desaru. The picturesque beach provided the perfect backdrop for a shared meal and a sense of togetherness among the diverse group.

The afternoon unfolded with various beach activities. Despite the strong waves, the children and pupils immersed themselves in beach volleyball, beach football, sandcastle building, and playful burying sessions in the warm sand. The sea, though challenging with its robust waves, offered a haven in the shallow end for the more enthusiastic pupils to revel in their first-hand experience of the ocean.

For three of the newest additions to the orphanage, this trip marked not only a day of outreach and fun but also their first-ever visit to a beach and dip in the sea. The collective joy and laughter of the group resonated along the shoreline, creating memories that will last in the hearts of all involved.

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