Aquathlon 2024

In the spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition, pupils from across Prep and Senior Schools at the College recently participated in the much-anticipated annual Aquathon. This multi-stage event consists of swimming and running. The event showcased the pupils’ determination and willingness to take part. Every pupil taking part is awarded house points and as the academic year progresses, these points will contribute to the final House score, adding an exciting dimension to the overall house competition.


The Aquathlon kicked off with enthusiasm as Year 5 and 6  took to the senior pool, demonstrating their swimming skills and sprinting around Court in the running half of the event. 

Following closely were the Year 4 pupils, who also embraced the senior pool for their leg of the Aquathon. Their engagement and enjoyment of being in the “big pool” added to the overall positive atmosphere of the event. A few days later, it was the turn of Year 7 to Shell. Despite being the oldest participants, they exhibited remarkable sportsmanship and performance, setting a high standard for the competition.


Bringing the Aquathon to a close were the youngest competitors, Year 3, who navigated the Pre-Prep Pool. To level the playing field, they completed the race entirely within the Pre-Prep area. The events were a resounding success, with pupils from all year groups embracing the opportunity to compete and showcase their skills. The sight of pupils proudly wearing their house tops, passionately competing for their respective houses, was truly inspiring.


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