AIMS Year 6 Maths Challenge

During the Lent Term, eight Year 6 pupils departed for Kuala Lumpur to compete in the AIMS Year 6 Maths Challenge, held at the International School @ ParkCity.

On Friday, the initial stages comprised a logic round and a scavenger hunt. During the logic round, pupils tackled various questions with varying difficulty levels and corresponding points. Teams needed to devise strategies, opting between answering easier questions for fewer points or tackling more challenging ones for greater rewards. In the scavenger hunt, teams scoured the area around the Park City lake, locating and answering as many questions as possible. 

A notable feature of Friday’s events was the construction round, during which pupils showcased their engineering and creative abilities by constructing two structures using paper straws, masking tape, and ice cream sticks. The first structure was a functional crane tasked with lifting a specific mass, while the second structure was required to be tall. The team with the crane capable of lifting the heaviest mass and the tallest tower would emerge victorious in the challenge. Despite facing challenges as their structures occasionally toppled over towards the end, our MCM pupils found joy in the design and construction process. 

During Saturday’s activities, our pupils used a clinometer to measure the heights of various structures around the school. The team that came closest to the actual heights emerged victorious. The ultimate challenge was the maths relay, where teams tackled questions individually, progressing only when they answered correctly or opted to pass. Our MCM pupils excelled in this, navigating through tough problem-solving questions.. 

Our MCM pupils had an unforgettable experience grappling with challenging mathematical problems and engaging in hands-on maths activities. Out of the 36 teams that participated in the AIMS Year 6 Maths Challenge, our teams achieved 14th and 4th place, narrowly missing out on a podium position. Congratulations to all eight pupils who competed in the event.

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