Year 7 | Wellbeing First aid

In the Lent Term, Year 7 pupils have delved into the crucial realm of first aid, recognising the importance of acquiring skills that could potentially help save lives in emergencies. Nurse Rak has taken the lead in guiding our young learners through a comprehensive First Aid series, imparting essential knowledge on topics such as CPR, DR ABC, bandaging techniques, and wound care. Under Nurse Rak’s guidance, Year 7 pupils are acquiring valuable knowledge and developing a sense of responsibility towards the well-being of themselves and the community.


Together, these sessions have been both theory-based and practical to truly give pupils a complete overview. In the first session together, Nurse Rak explained the critical steps of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the DR ABC protocol. These foundational skills equipped pupils to respond promptly and effectively when someone’s life may be at risk. Meanwhile, more practical sessions have allowed Year 7 to master the art of bandaging and wound care. From simple cuts and abrasions to more complex scenarios, understanding how to apply bandages correctly is an invaluable skill that Year 7 learned could minimise injury and help increase the healing process.


Pupils are now equipped with the knowledge of how to cleanse and dress wounds, and they relished practising their bandaging and wound care techniques on one another. The chance to engage in enjoyable, pretend scenarios increased confidence in their abilities and promoted swift thinking. Although we aim for them to acquire these valuable skills, which will undoubtedly be beneficial, we sincerely hope they never find themselves in a situation where such skills need to be applied.

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