Year 4 | The Journey Towards Strength

This week, Year 4 pupils took to the stage of Wykeham Hall for a live audience to showcase their production entitled ‘The Journey Towards Strength.’

The narrative unfolds around Lily and her friends, who unite to rescue the enchanting Wondervilles, celebrating the unique strengths that define their greatness. The play has been specially written for Year 4 to develop their abilities on the stage, help them overcome any fears they may have performing, and improve confidence in an age-appropriate way. The closeness among the pupils as they leaned on each other has transformed the play into a special experience.

One of the highlights of the production is its captivating soundtrack, featuring hits from renowned artists such as One Direction and Bruno Mars. The pupils took great joy in singing, dancing, and performing, bringing infectious energy to Wykeham Hall.

Thank you to the Estates team for their help with the production set-up, and to Year 4 and the Drama Department for the performance.

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