Whole College Lion Dance

On the final day before Lent half-term, the entire College gathered to witness a captivating Lion Dance. Rooted in tradition, it is widely believed that the lion dance brings forth good luck and fortune. The experience provided an excellent opportunity for the entire MCM community to come together, enjoy themselves, and collectively celebrate the Lunar New Year.

The dancers delivered an engaging performance that kept the pupils thoroughly entertained, both on the ground and uniquely atop tall pillars. The agility and strength of the lion dancers was superb. To add to the fun, the lion tossed out mandarins, bestowing good fortune upon the lucky pupils who received them and a scroll to the Master of the College.

The event served as a vibrant and culturally rich celebration, reinforcing a sense of unity and festivity within the College community, and we hope it bestowed a prosperous year ahead.

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